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Download Unik for all OS

Unik for GNU/Linux

For GNU/Linux you can run Unik Qml Engine with a AppImage file. This method not require installation.

Download unik 4 for GNU/Linux 64 bit

Note: For install this application run this command line.
$: sudo unik_v4.xx.xx.AppImage -install
Replace the "x" letter with the current number version of application downloaded.

Unik for Windows

For Windows Systems you can install this Unik Qml Engine 32bit for Windows 7/8/10 32 and 64 bit

Download unik 4 for Windows 32/64 bit

Note: This application require vcredist_x86.exe installed in your Windows System.

Download vcredist_x86.exe for Windows 32/64 bit

Unik for Macos

For Macos you can install the Unik Qml Engine Application with a DMG file.

Download unik 3.50.6 for Macos

Unik for Android

For Android you can install the Unik Qml Engine Application with a APK file or into the Google Play Store.

Unik from Google Play Store

¿Do you want to collaborate by joining as a Beta Tester?

You can try Unik by downloading the latest versions of Unik in its Beta mode. Here is the link to join the Google Play program. With this link you can join our team to try the new versions of Unik before anyone else. You can download the Unik Beta applications from the Google Play Store directly and the Unik.apk installer file is monitored with the Google Play Protect system for your peace of mind.

Unirse como Unik Beta Tester


Download unik 4 for Android armeabi-v7a

Download unik 4 for Android arm64-v8a

Download unik 4 for Android x86 

Download unik 4 for Android x86_64

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